Roy Orbison

Marcel Riesco has studied Roy Orbison’s career for years, and has directly contributed to several official Orbison projects like the DVDs Greatest Hits (research) and Roy Orbison Live in Australia (liner notes), the official Orbison biography online, and most recently, the long-awaited and first-ever Orbison biography book: The Authorized Roy Orbison, by Roy’s sons Alex, Roy Jr., and Wesley. The Authorized Roy Orbison was conceived and curated by Riesco, who conducted all the research for this project, contributed some of the unpublished photographs, and compiled the Official Roy Orbison Discography.


Roy Orbison had begun writing his autobiography before his passing in 1988, but the project never materialized. The official biography was also planned by Roy’s wife Barbara, but her tragic passing halted the original project, once again.

Marcel started researching Roy Orbison in the early 1990s, and since then Orbison’s life and career have become his passion. As an avid connoisseur, he looked for every written piece of material about Orbison, every picture and every mention about The Man, but one of true thrills of Riesco’s wonderful research ride was to meet and interview members of Roy Orbison’s family and people that knew him. Possibly his biggest honor was to meet Orbison’s wife Barbara, who became well aware of his research work and early drafts that eventually inspired The Authorized Roy Orbison.

Necessary to better understand Orbison’s career, Riesco has met and interviewed key features in Roy’s life: Fred Foster who produced all of Roy Orbison’s hits with Monument Records including “Only The Lonely,” “Crying,” “In Dreams,” “Blue Bayou, ” and “Oh Pretty Woman”; Bill Dees who wrote the monster hits “Oh, Pretty Woman” and “It’s Over” with Orbison; Joe Melson, first major songwriter partner with whom Roy wrote most of his early Monument hits; Claudette’s (Roy’s first wife) parents; and musicians, band members, and close friends who were an important part of Roy’s career.

Marcel Riesco’s research work, archives, and early book drafts were made available for production of The Authorized Roy Orbison. Carefully written by Alex, Wesley, and Roy Orbison Jr., and all turned into a beautiful narrative journey by journalist Jeff Slate, this is now the ultimate source for all Roy Orbison fans around the globe.

The Authorized Roy Orbison also features the Official Roy Orbison U.S. Discography, and an international selection of important releases, both done by Marcel Riesco.

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